Welcome to the New Haven!

Fallout SIM is set somewhere in what is left of the midwest state of Minnesota, and it is set sometime in the year 2282 (between Fallout 3 & 4 timeline), it is set in and around a town built by survivors of the nuclear holocaust some 205 years earlier.

Players can either be residents of the town of New Haven, or those that brave the wilds of Minnesota to make their living, or you can hail from what remains of Minneapolis or St Paul, or are a part of the gangs that roam the wilds of Minnesota.

New Haven is a town that accepts anyone and everyone regardless of their allegiances, let alone whether they are human, or ghoul, and no one in town will question what your innermost secret(s) are so long as you keep them secret.

Like all good towns New Haven has a bar/cantina/diner where residents and visitors are welcome, it is also the most likely place for townsfolk to go to hire an outsider to do jobs on their behalf, and find female companionship.

SIM rating is 2.2.2